The Thursday List, Episode 1

"Green for Danger" (1946)

It's a Golden Age whodunnit set in a hospital camp in England during World War II. An ensemble cast performs a fiendishly tight script, and the film is set, photographed, lit, and scored very ably. It's a little quirky, with an exceptional performance by the great Alistair Sim as the rather unusual Scotland Yard sleuth, Inspector Cockrill. A very entertaining and enjoyable film classic. Highly recommended.

"Insidious" (2011)

It's three movies in one. The first part is an atmospheric, slowly paced haunted house movie. The second part is an alternately slightly amusing and chilling haunted house movie. The third part is a rather bold but kind of clunky fantasy/horror story. Wonderfully shot with super visuals and very well scored, it just doesn't really ever gel. It winds up dead average (no pun intended). Great for Hallowe'en, but take it or leave it the rest of the year.

"Midnight Movie" (2008)

This is the kind of slasher horror movie that is genuinely fun to watch. The budget came in at one million dollars but delivered better than most horror movies with ten to thirty times that. It's generally well scripted and competently performed, but what elevates it is the direction. It's obvious the director pre-planned and handled his resources excellently and that the cast and crew enjoyed making the movie. Hmmm... I may do a proper full write-up on this one. Highly recommended.

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